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Hot Stones Massage

evermore treatments

massage treatments

back, neck & shoulder massage

30 minutes £42/ 45 minutes £58/  60 minutes £70

A tailored, deeply therapeutic massage, excellent for releasing muscular tension and fatigue promoting a general state of well-being.

relaxation full body

60 minutes £70 / 90 minutes £90

A soothing medium pressure massage excellent for anyone feeling stressed. Long flowing Swedish massage techniques will fully relax the body and calm the mind.

hot stones therapy

30 minutes £50/ 60 minutes £75 / 90 minutes £95

Using the heat of volcanic basalt stones, this treatment reaches deep into tired muscles, stimulating muscle rejuvenation and providing warm relief and relaxation.

warm bamboo back, neck & shoulders

45 minutes £65

Known for its healing properties, this holistic therapy works to calm and energise you. Heated bamboo is used to deeply roll and knead the tissue to create an extreme sensation of relaxation and well-being.

warm bamboo full body

90 minutes £105

Known for its healing properties, this holistic therapy works to calm and energise you from head to toe. Heated bamboo is used to deeply roll and knead the tissue to create an extreme sensation of relaxation and well-being.

Indian head massage

40 minutes £50

A relaxing holistic treatment that uses acupressure massage on the head, face, neck and shoulders. It aims to rebalance your body's energies, good for those who suffer from tension headaches and high stress levels.

deep muscle restore

45 minutes £60

Deep muscle back, neck & shoulder massage. Marine mud body back wrap. Ice-tone Menthol leg massage. Lavender & Lemon tension foot massage


deep muscle

60 minutes £75 / 90 minutes £95

A firm, powerful full body massage designed to alleviate deep seated tension and muscular stress. A specialised muscle gel to help relieve aching muscles joints and tension will be applied to the body to soothe and reduce localised areas of sensitivity.


40 minutes £52

3 in 1 focused massage treatment to release unwanted tension in your back, neck, shoulders, scalp and feet with our aromatic blend of sweet orange, mandarin and lavender oils. A firm favourite!

my time

60 minutes £75

That's correct, YOUR time. 60 minutes for you to choose what your body needs. Design your own piece of heaven involving any or all of the treatment areas. These include the back, neck, shoulders, face, arms, legs, feet, hands and scalp. Your therapist will help you choose a bespoke oil to target your needs followed by a comforting Aromatherapy serum.

back massage (add to any facial)

30 minutes £32

Massage Treatments

signature treatments

Unwind in paradise with our luxury signature spa treatments, it does not get better than this.


All of our signature treatments start with you feeling the comfort of our spa robes whilst your feet are gently cleansed with one of our Aromatherapy Eve Taylor blends, feel your body start to relax as your feet are soaked in one of our cedarwood foot baths. Smell the aroma of our freshly brewed essential oil water which will wash the oils from your feet ready to start the rest of your journey. Once the experience ends, relax and enjoy one of our freshly prepared herbal teas whilst a warming foot mask is applied to melt away any last tension.


healing harmony

1 hour, 45 mins £115

Quiet your mind, ease physical and emotional stress and restore balance with this signature ritual.

Begin your journey with the scent of lavender, lemon and neroli to start calming the mind and releasing the body of stress and tension. A hot towel press will begin to soothe the back and relax muscle tension followed by a full body wellbeing massage finished with an application of Brazilian Rosewood and East Indian Sandlewood comfort gel to help with emotional distress, low mood or just when you need to feel comforted. Enjoy a light mist of Rose hydolat serving the purpose of true radiance of mind and body. A soothing and hydrating aromatherapy facial will leave you glowing from the inside and out, a peaceful, beautiful experience tailored exactly to you.

awakening & energising ritual

1 hour, 45 mins £115

A targeted treatment for general body fatigue to boost circulation and increase oxygenation leading to improved energy levels.

Awaken the senses with an inhalation of lemon, juniper berry and peppermint. Our full body mineral rich salt and seaweed scrub will increase circulation to assist in the detoxification process and leave skin smooth and supple. An expertly blended array of essential oil muscle ease gel including marjoram, ginger and black pepper help to relieve achy muscles. A deep muscle back, neck and shoulder massage will relieve your body of any muscle tension finished with an invigorating body serum leaving you feeling renewed and revitalised.

deep sleep experience

1 hour, 45 mins £115

Prepare your body and mind for a restful night’s sleep.

Essential oils of chamomile, lavender and ylang ylang are used to relax and bring some relief to insomnia in this full body massage experience. A warm, light drizzle of our Eve Taylor Dream candle infused with white jasmine will help clear the mind and completely switch off. A deeply indulgent hot stone spine wrap will melt you into further relaxation.

Our self-warming eye mask with essence of jasmine will ease eye strain and head tension. Finish off in the dusky aroma of Moroccan Cedarwood and sweet Brazilian orange sleep-well gel. Pure bliss!

signature treatments
body treatments

body treatments

purifying back treatment

45 minutes £60

Purifying essential oils deeply cleanse and unclog the skin. Zones in on breakouts to help clear blemishes while our detoxifying marine mud mask deeply cleanses and re-mineralises the skin, a back massage including arm and hand massage will leave you feeling brand new!

salt & seaweed skin smoothing scrub

30 minutes £50

A full body scrub to thoroughly remove cellular debris and dull skin leaving skin soft, smooth and polished. Mineral rich salts nourish the skin providing vital nutrients whilst increased circulation will assist in the detoxification process. A skin drenching blend of hyaluronic acid and chamomile help rejuvenate the skin whilst a vitamin complex protect from the elements.

back ritual

45 minutes £60

A back treatment targeting skin health and muscular tension. Treatment includes an exfoliation, therapeutic back massage, heated mask to cleanse and purify the skin and a cooling leg and foot massage to target tired, achy muscles.

poppy seed & black pine mousse body polish

30 minutes £50

A creamy mousse all over body exfoliant which effectively sloughs away dull surface skin revealing a smoother, softer skin, enriched with natural essential oils to detoxinate and tone. A rich body butter application absorbs into the skin helping restore firmness and elasticity, relieves even the driest of skins!

pregnancy massage

pregnancy treatments

beautiful bump

60 minutes £85

An all over body massage using special techniques that are safe to use during pregnancy. The light citrus aroma of sweet orange and mandarin coupled with a fragrant hint of French lavender creates a soothing and relaxing effect to a tired body finished with a wonderfully soothing facial.


60 minutes £85

Enjoy a top to toe polish using our Natural Spa Factory pregnancy scrub. Gentle cream scrub packed with natural olive stones to leave skin feeling buffed and nourished – with mandarin and neroli oils to help boost circulation and soothe an overworked body whilst a hydrating body massage will soothe those stretched and dehydrated bits! Grapefruit, mandarin and neroli oils help to ease the effect of water retention, muscle fatigue and encourage a restful night’s sleep whilst helping to boost circulation and smooth out stretch marks.

Aromatherapy Associates luxury treatment

ultimate pregnancy massage

60 minutes £90

Choose from a selection of three oils each safely formulated to be used during pregnancy to nourish and care for your expanding skin. Using the traditional aromatherapy pressure point massage for the upper back and paying particular attention to tight shoulders, this massage helps to relieve stress and tension. The legs are massaged to ease the heavy feeling that can come with pregnancy and a full scalp and facial massage, with treatment oil chosen specifically for your skin type, completes this top to toe treatment. Give yourself a moment to appreciate the joy of pregnancy and leave the stresses of life behind you.

oncology treatments

An oncology treatment is a tailored treatment designed to meet the unique and changing needs of someone receiving treatment for cancer, living with cancer or with a recent history of cancer. The treatment plan for an oncology massage will consider the side effects of ongoing treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Jennifer Young comforting massage

60 minutes £70

A bespoke massage carefully adapted to suit individual needs. Using 100% natural and organic oils this treatment is ideal for the most sensitive of skin. Let the power of touch bring harmony, well-being and deep relaxation.

Jennifer Young rejuvenating facial


A blissfully relaxing and beautifully adapted facial to bring harmony to even the most sensitive skin. Soothing massage techniques help you drift off into the world of peace and tranquillity leaving your skin perfectly replenished with a glowing radiance.

oncology treatments

Eve Taylor facial treatments

Eve Taylor® express facial


The perfect facial for the time compressed, this mini treatment will refresh the skin with aromatic cleansers then buff away dulling skin cells. A rapidly working masque will infuse the skin with nourishment before hydrating moisturisers protect the skin. 

Eve Taylor® teen clean facial


Created specifically for teenagers, the Teen Clean Facial deeply cleanses and exfoliates, unblocking the pores and clearing the skin. A refreshing masque soothes and reduces redness, calming breakouts and invigorating problematic skin before mattifying balm leaves the face looking fresh, clear and squeaky clean.

Eve Taylor® skin quenching facial


Restore the youthful glow to your skin with our Skin Quenching Facial. Plumps the skin and softens fine lines with moisture infusing hydrators. Ideal for both parched post-holiday skin and to prep skin before summer getaways.

Eve Taylor® ultra bright facial 


Illuminate and brighten dull, lacklustre, pigmented skin with The Ultra Bright Facial. Professional resurfacing smooths and softens the skin ready for the infusion of Vitamin C rich serums and speciality masques. Illuminating moisturiser protects and re-energizes leaving the skin flawlessly radiant, bright and glowing.

Eve Taylor® age resist facial


The age resist facial refines and resurfaces pre-maturely ageing skin to reveal a smooth, softened complexion. Anti-oxidants and vitamins defend against environmental aggressors whilst stimulating new healthy tissue. Skin is left looking radiant and beautiful regardless of age. 

Eve Taylor® intensive facial


Taking skin care one step further this treatment uses intensive exfoliants to resurface the skin leaving it smooth and soft. Using potent aromatic essential oil blends, powerful targeted serums and speciality masques customised to achieve intensive results; this treatment will leave your skin glowing.


revitalising eye treatment

stand alone 25 min £40 

Refresh and revive the delicate eye area with this brightening eye treatment. Gentle exfoliation makes way for intensive ingredients to nourish and hydrate. Expert massage techniques disperse puffiness while our speciality eye masque firms and tones the skin. Eyes are left soothed and revitalised.

revitalising eye add on

5 mins £15

Add to any Eve Taylor facial.
Refresh and revive the delicate eye area with this brightening eye treatment. Gentle exfoliation makes way for intensive ingredients to nourish and hydrate. Expert massage techniques disperse puffiness while our speciality eye masque firms and tones the skin. Eyes are left soothed and revitalised.

ice globes add on


Ice globes are cooling wands used in facials to soothe redness, and decrease inflammation and the appearance of large pores. We love how they stimulate and exercise facial nerves and muscles, which tighten your skin and aid in the elimination of fine lines.



Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair. What are the benefits? Perfect for those who have excess hair on the face/refined, smoothed 'glowing' appearance removing dullness and flaky skin/allows products to penetrate more readily in the deeper layers of skin/make up application will be super smooth and flawless!
Deep Cleanse
Toning Mist
Vitamin C Boost Serum
C+ Bright Moisturiser

deluxe dermaplaning

60 minutes £75

Upgrade to the deluxe for ultimate relaxation and results.

Includes: Ozone Steam, Target Concern Professional Serum, Powerful Eve Taylor Bio Mask, Anti-Stress Hand  & Arm Massage

facial treatments
Spa Setting

Environ treatments

Environ electro-sonic essential treatments

60 minutes £90, 90 minutes £115
Course of 6 x 60 minute treatments £450 (one free)

Course of 6 x 90 minute treatments £575 (one free)

Environ’s pioneering dual electro-sonic technology sets the benchmark for professional skincare treatments.  Low frequency sonophoresis together with pulsed iontophoresis in combination with Environ’s professional skin care products, help deliver more of what skin needs where it needs it most - making a real lasting difference to your skin, for life.

essential youth reset
Helps soften the appearance of fine lines, sun-damage and sagging skin with our peptide and vitamin packed facial for a more youthful appearance.

essential moisture boost

Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines caused by dehydration and increases the plumpness of the deeper layers of the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is the hero ingredient, promoting a moisturised, glowing-looking skin.

essential comfort calm
Ideal for sensitive, irritated skin. A powerful combination of smart ingredients, leaving the skin feeling soothed with a healthy radiance.


radiance reveal
A targeted solution for sun-damaged or pigmented skin. Boosting the skin with the correct combination of ingredients, results in flawless, radiant-looking skin.

Environ electro-sonic focus-on treatments

£58 - 30 minutes

Specially developed to target specific areas using Environ’s revolutionary dual electro-sonic DF technology, ensuring that your primary skin care concerns are directly addressed. Perfect for when time is limited.

focus-on frown treatment

An iconic peptide blend assists in reducing the appearance of expression and frown lines around the eyes and forehead resulting in a more youthful appearance.   


focus-on eye treatment

Combining our powerful peptide complexes with Hyaluronic Acid, ensures a completely refreshed, hydrated and youthful appearance.

focus-on texture treatment

An intensive combination of the three Environ technologies; Dual electro-sonic, cool peel and micro perfusion improve the appearance of mild scarring, revealing smoother, evenly textured skin.

focus-on even tone treatment

The powerful combination of vitamin A, C and AHA is a unique approach to assist in lightening the appearance of pigmented marks resulting in a more even-toned, brighter complexion.

focus-on body profile (face & body)

This powerful body sculpting treatment will help you to say goodbye to the “orange peel appearance”. 
The effective combination of active ingredients with our dual electro-sonic DF technology assist in firming and conditioning, and helps to maintain a smoother, suppler and toned-looking skin. This treatment can also improve the appearance of an unwanted double chin.

Environ Cool Peel® treatments

60 minutes £90
Course of 6 x 60 minute treatments £450 (one free)

Environ’s unique Cool Peel˝ Technology is a non-invasive, intelligent skin renewal system developed by 
Dr Des Fernandes, to safely and effectively help refine, revive and brighten skin. Experience a real, lasting difference to skin through beautiful science.

youth renew cool peel

This cool peel treatment assists with reducing the appearance of premature ageing, fi ne lines, sun-damage and an uneven skin complexion. Discover the power of an intelligent skin peel that will leave the skin looking refreshed and vibrantly youthful.


moisture boost cool peel
Designed to gently buff the skin’s surface and focus on revitalising dry, tired-looking skin, revealing a healthy-looking glow. This gentle yet effective peel is suitable to do all year round with no visible peeling.

deep cleansing cool peel
Environ’s interpretation of the classic deep cleanse facial.  This unique method of deep cleansing the skin is gentle in exfoliating the skin’s surface, yet effective in purifying and assisting to control the appearance of congested, breakout-prone skin. This unique, gentle peel helps to achieve visible improvements, leaving the skin looking radiantly healthy and refreshed. 

bright recovery cool peelThis gentle lactic acid cool peel assists with reducing the appearance of premature ageing, fine lines and uneven toned skin complexion as a result of excessive sun exposure.

Face mask

blemish control cool peel
This powerful cool peel therapy assists with the management of blemish prone, distressed skin, by purifying, cleansing and assisting to unclog pores and dissolve impurities. Our hero treatment for problematic skin conditions.

vibrant-c micro peel

45 minutes £75
A concentrated, vitamin C infused peel that is freshly mixed before application to ensure optimal freshness and efficacy.  Proven to deliver a healthy complexion with an even skin tone and texture because vitamin C is essential for the skin to function at its best. Excellent choice for sun-damaged, pigmented and mature skins.

environ treatments

skin consultation/make-up

skin consultation

30 minutes £30

The skin consultation takes 30 minutes and includes a full skin analysis plus cleansing, toning and moisturising. This new service is priced at just £30 per consultation, redeemable on skincare products in the salon, so it's an absolute win/win!

Jane Iredale makeup

45 minutes £35

A professional makeup application using clean, natural and vegan make-up to nourish and protect your skin providing a long-lasting, flawless complexion

skin consultation
nail treatments

nail treatments

classic manicure/pedicure

A maintenance treatment to help keep your natural nails in a healthy condition. Nails are filed, cuticles are fully worked on and nails are nourished with a hydrating and repairing nail oil.


No Polish - £23

CND Vinylux - £31

CND Shellac -£38

CND Shellac (french) -£43

CND Naturabuild (no colour) - £38

CND Naturabuild (with shellac) - £50


evermore signature manicure

A luxury treatment for the hands, this deluxe signature manicure will strengthen your nails and condition your hands. Cuticles are conditioned and nails are file and buffed. A black pine and poppy seed exfoliating mousse will deeply nourish and brighten the skin ready for one of our beautiful Eve Taylor Aromawax candles which are melted into the skin before wrapping your hands in our specially designed heated mitts. A rosewood and tea-tree hand and arm massage finish the treatment- sheer bliss!


No Polish - £40

CND Vinylux - £50

CND Shellac -£57

CND Shellac (french) -£63

evermore signature pedicure

Absolute heaven for your feet- this revitalising treatment nourishes and softens the skin. An intensive hard skin exfoliation and dead skin removal prepare the feet for a relaxing Spearmint & Tea- tree foot soak. A professional skin softening mask wrapped in heated booties will have you drifting away whilst a stress release foot massage will leave your feet looking and feeling amazing!


No Polish - £40

CND Vinylux - £50

CND Shellac - £57

CND Shellac (french) - £62


CND Shellac removal  
free of charge if applied at Evermore


Footlogix medi pedi 

The ultimate Medi Pedi treatment, courtesy of Footlogix Pedicuticals®. Scientifically formulated with unique, groundbreaking Dermal Infusion Technology®. This treatment offers relief to sufferers of uncomfortable calluses, cracked heels, peeling or rough skin.


This bespoke treatment includes everything that a normal pedicure offers, including cuticles, cutting and filing of nails, foot exfoliation and massage with the addition of a more thorough and deeper hard skin removal treatment. For anyone with problem feet, this ultimate Medi Pedi treatment is followed by the application of prescription creams and mousses specific to your foot condition.


No Polish - £55

Regular Polish - £62

CND Shellac - £69

CND Shellac (french) - £74


footlogix medi pedi
facial treatment

eye treatments

The Lift works with the client’s natural lashes to create the appearance of longer, thicker and more visible lashes. By straightening the natural lashes at the root, The Lift instantly gives extra volume, definition and length. Finishing The Lift is a deep intense tint to both the upper and lower lashes for that extra LashUS factor.

LashUS Lift  £50

brow wax  £15.50

brow tint  £14.50

lash tint £15.50

trio (all above) £35

A patch test required at least 48 hours prior to any eye treatment. (5 minutes)

waxing treatments

We use only the best wax on the market - Waxperts


Waxperts Original Hot Wax was formulated for sensitive skin types to achieve a smooth, pain free, easy wax with little to no redness afterwards. Waxperts Strip Wax was formulated to be applied thinly, so it would then glide off during removal and leave no sticky residue.
Waxperts have devised a unique waxing technique to make waxing easy for therapists, and as comfortable and pain free as possible for clients. Waxperts Wax believe in thorough, pain free waxing.


Here at evermore we are proud of our no double dipping policy!

eyebrow £15.50

lip £12

chin £12

lip & chin £18

half leg £28

full leg £40

underarm £18

forearm £21

full arm £30

sides of face £18

neck £15

Eye treatments

intimate waxing

Waxing is easier when it’s done by someone who knows what they’re doing. All of our waxing therapists are highly professional and excellent at what they do. If this is your first time at a waxing appointment you should know there’s no need to be nervous! Our beauticians have seen it all before and waxing is all in a day’s work for them. We can promise a fast and virtually pain-free waxing experience with results you will love.

basic bikini

20 mins £22

A great place to start for nervous first time waxers! Bikini line wax is what it says, we remove the hair that would be outside your normal knicker or bikini line, so just the sides!

extended bikini

20 mins £27

Hair is removed very low down on the inner thighs and very high on the upper bikini line, with a straight section removed on the top for neatness.


30 mins £31

This is where waxing gets a bit more intimate! All the hair is removed from the sides, front and back leaving a narrow strip all the way round.


30 mins £39

The Hollywood wax is the most popular wax, plainly put it, we remove all the hair top, front sides and full back. Making sure it is smooth and waxed to perfection.

ultimate Hollywood

40 mins £45

Completely smooth! All hair is removed including bum cheeks. 

intimate waxing


moroccan tanning

30 mins £40

Full body manual tan - It’s also a relaxing and comfortable treatment as our therapist will apply the tan in a way that feels more like a massage, working on just one area at a time, so you’re not left exposed at all.

Tanning treatment
moroccan tanning
needle piercing

needle piercing

We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with More Ink to bring professional needle piercing to our Evermore clients.  

Perfect for your child’s first ear piercings, or for adults looking for additional piercings, needle piercing ensures a precise and a safe experience which is less painful than gun piercing.

Carried out by certified professionals from More Ink, this method is as gentle as possible using single-use needles and sterile titanium jewellery. Our earrings’ flat backs make for easy cleaning and a comfortable sleep.  


All piercings will be carried out at More Ink’s professional studio, our neighbours at 41A Gray Street.

Ear piercings £30 for one ear or £55 for two ears, including jewellery

Eyebrow, nostril, ears (helix, tragus, daith, conch, rook, forward helix, lobe, anti tragus) all £30 each including plain jewellery


Scaffold/Industrial, Navel/belly button £35

Bridge, Septum £40


Evermore gift vouchers can be used for payment. Clients can pay to upgrade their jewellery on the day of their appointment.

You must be 16 or over to get a piercing on your own. Please bring full photographic ID as proof of age. Under 16s must have parental consent, with the parent present.

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